9 Days to Halloween!

It’s getting closer! And I really hope that I will be able to fit into my costume. My husband and I are dressing as Princess Peach and Mario if all goes well. Yes, we are totally cheesy like that, but hey, we love that game!

Martha Stewart completely rocks my Halloween world. She has always had some of the greatest ideas for the holiday, and I just love how much she loves Halloween. I recently got an email with pumpkin carving ideas in it, and this image is just one of the examples.

We didn’t get a huge pumpkin crop this year like we did last year. In fact, this year we got two adorable little pumpkins, and one massive pumpkin. Our massive pumpkin is no world record setter, but I am worried about how heavy it is going to be! Can’t wait to put it on the scale and find out.

Do you carve pumpkins in your house? What do you do with all the “guts”? Do you roast pumpkin seeds?

If you are dressing up this year, what do you plan to dress up as?


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