Catbus Cake!

First of all, I didn’t make this. I wish I had though, because it’s awesome!

CATBUS! cake!

If you have not watched My Neighbor Totoro, you really should. It’s a fun little anime from Studio Ghibli. It’s a very quirky story, as you can imagine a story with a Catbus must be!! But it is also a very sweet story, and one that we enjoy. I actually have a little Catbus key chain that I hang on my purse. It gets two reactions, either people know exactly what it is and get very excited when they see it, or people ask what it is and act like I am from outer space when I tell them it’s a Catbus.

At any rate, I love fun cakes, and this one is just so well done! It’s nice to see an amazing cake that was made with frosting and not just fondant. Or at least I think that the “fur” is all just frosting, don’t you?


4 responses to “Catbus Cake!

    • It is freaky! It’s even crazier in the movie. 🙂 And agreed, down with fondant! Nice to see people using frosting to create something amazing again.

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