Healthy Holidays

I have to be a little honest here and spill a “secret”. My husband is trying to lose weight, and of course, as the “chef” of the house, it’s really all up to me to cook in a way that will be helpful. This in turn actually bums me out a bit, because some of the most fun things to do around the holidays involve cooking things that aren’t exactly “healthy”!

Halloween is especially tricky this year, and as such, I haven’t even decorated fully. My traditional cookies will still be made, but there are many other fun and spooky things that I just won’t be able to try.

I never realized that baking was such a part of how I have fun. So, now I am in search of fun and low calorie things to make for the holidays. I have found one oatmeal cookie recipe that sounds perfect for fall, but I am certainly open for suggestions.


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