I have always considered myself blessed when it comes to the friends I have. Seriously, they are some great girls! And I count my online friends in that group as well. Of course, there is nothing like a little friend time face to face to help make life sweet.

Yesterday afternoon my friend and I met to enjoy a sweet treat. Little did we know that we would be eating ice cream together while the first snow storm of the season swirled around outside! It was a fun way to celebrate the snowy season, but of course, even better was catching up with a friend that I hadn’t seen in person in almost a year. So many of my dear friends have moved to different states, so it is a rare treat indeed to spend time together in person.

I count friends as a big bonus in creating a happy life! What about you? Do you have a good group of friend to hang out with from time to time?


2 responses to “Friends!

  1. Where do you live that it is snowing already?!?! It is 70 here in Maryland. My best friend lives in Boston and I miss her dearly.

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