Fitblogger Challenge


I’m excited about this challenge! If you remember, my goal was to run barefoot three times a week. Well, Mother Nature has had other plans, with rain and snow making it super hard to run outside. Since I am not used to running barefoot yet, I didn’t want to do it on the treadmill. In other words, I am changing my goal for the challenge!!

I want to work out daily in some way shape or form. This is how I see it playing out:

  • MWF- Workout DVD at home. Most likely it will be using my Bellyfit: Earth dvd.
  • Tues- Currently I have my African Dance class, so that will count.
  • Thursday- Treadmill, or Dance Central on the Kinect.
  • Saturday- Dance Central
  • Sunday- A nice walk, weather permitting.

So far this week I am right on track. I did my workout this morning and felt great. I did play Dance Central on Saturday, and yesterday my husband and I walked around the lake shore to see the ice breaks. Truly amazing, if not a bit cold!


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