Cupcake Marathon!

When I first read about the Cupcake Marathon, my first thought was about eating cupcakes! Who wouldn’t want to do that? In fact, we just ate some lovely cupcakes for our Mardi Gras celebration (it was really just a good excuse to eat cupcakes, as we don’t actually celebrate Mardi Gras).

Anyway, I am excited to take part in the Cupcake Marathon. I’m going to go for the half, and I am very happy that we don’t have to do the entire thing all at once. That’s right, we can log our time and distance over the course of 2 weeks!

Today, I stubbed my pinky toe. HARD! In fact, it was so bad that it started to swell, and I ended up missing my African dance class. I think the reason it hurt so much was because I basically hit right between the two toes, and it was such a hard hit. Also, because I have had surgery on my feet in the past, and have screws in the bone on that very toe, it just all combined to cause it to be more painful than a usual stubbed toe. I’m pretty sure everything will be fine though, and I will be able to participate in the Cupcake Marathon!

Are any of you taking part in this virtual race?!


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