Pedometer Lessons

Do you use a pedometer?

I recently started using one (kind of a fancy one actually, it’s called a FitBit), and oh the things I have learned! For example, I sit around too much on most days. Yes, I do my work from the computer, but in all reality a lot of that computer time is just messing around on silly sites (laughing is important too, but too much sitting is so bad for health)! It’s really eye opening to see how many steps I get. For example, here is a good day of tracking, though there was still some time left in this day, unless I put in a second workout, there wasn’t much chance of reaching 10,000 steps.

I have to say it’s not horrible, but this particular day was one where I was running errands (grocery shopping), and doing laundry. All of these things help a lot in getting extra steps.

Biggest lesson that I have learned through tracking steps is this: efficiency is not great for your health! What?! That’s right, when you are really efficient you take less steps. Case in point, the laundry… I used to be so good at putting all the empty hangers in the basket with the dirty clothes before taking it all down to the laundry room. One trip! Saves time! Oh yeah, it also means less walking up and down the stairs… oops! That just cuts out valuable steps on the pedometer! 🙂

So, in response to my pedometer I have been trying to make more trips around the house. Certainly I have been trying to at least stand up more than I sit, even if I am not actually walking at the time, it’s still better than sitting.

What about you? Have you used a pedometer? What lessons did you learn?


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