Finally the weather is giving us days above freezing, and this always inspires me to get out and walk. Walking outside, in Nature’s Gym, is always so much easier than doing it on “the dreadmill”! For whatever reason I find it boring to just watch TV, being outside is so much more entertaining.

Honestly, this winter has not been great for my healthy goals. Too many treats over the holidays, not enough working out. Yes, I had my African Dance class once a week, which was awesome. And yes, we got a Kinect for Christmas that has been a lot of fun and somewhat of a workout, but over all, I have not done the things I know I need to do. The 10 pound weight gain proves it too!

So, time to restart my goals and make sure that I walk a half hour everyday no matter what the weather. Like the proverb says:

Fall seven times, get up eight!


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