Stress and health.

We all know that stress can be bad for your health. 2011 has been one stress after another, and to say that it has taken it’s toll is a pretty fair thing to say. The scale and the size of my pants show that the stress of this past year has taken a hit on my healthy habits.

I think I will call 2011 the lost year.

In March our sweet dog was very, very, sick. Sickness for any member of the family can be disruptive, but even more so when it’s a pet since you can’t easily know what to do for them, and you certainly can’t explain it to them either. She was in a lot of pain, and as such, wanted to be held all the time. When she wasn’t being held she would cry, and have pain seizures. She was also still recovering from her patela surgery. Lots of vet visits, and she is well now, and recovered from both her knee surgery and the pancreatitis.

But that was easy compared to what was around the corner. Just 2 days after Easter my sister in law went into the hospital and they told her that she had a brain tumor the size of a tennis ball. She had it removed and is doing well, she is still all there mentally although she has physical problems now. For the entire time she was in the hospital we were there everyday, and after she got to go home (to my mother in laws) we would visit weekly. We are just so grateful she is alive and well.

Then in June I got very sick with a kidney infection. Very, very sick. Luckily it healed and I didn’t have to go into the hospital, but it was miserable. Health truly is the greatest blessing.

Then when things started to feel a bit more normal, my husband starting having serious problems which are on going now and we still don’t know exactly what is happening. It’s been very stressful not knowing what is causing his pain and problems, but we are doing our best to find out what is going on.

Through all of this I am reminded just how important health is. Without our health we truly have nothing. I’m recommitting myself to living healthy and making time for the things that promote health and happiness. If any of you still read this blog, thanks for sticking around!


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